minecraft pocket edition apk free download

minecraft pocket edition apk free download

minecraft pocket edition apk download And yes ! finally you have an article . Since there has been a breakdown of the site, I thought a short article ( yes, I'm in high school, I take my lunch break to give you your dose of articles and as you have had two Odysseys , I thought we were still talking about Minecraft !
The gap between PC and Minecraft Minecraft Pocket Edition is criticized by mobile gamers . Fortunately Swedish Mojang working hard to provide regular updates . minecraft pocket edition apk free download for android .

Yes, it is not given for an application ... But you should know that it still will be entitled to many updates .For those who do not know Minecraft, simply read our article on the PC version , Mac, Linux here .
We are facing an Alpha version , there is therefore no way survive . This is a version similar to the first PC : a kind of creative mode " clamped ".

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Informations about minecraft pocket edition :

Publisher: Mojang AB

Price: € 5.49 on iPhone and iPad, Android € 4.99 on google play .
When creating our world , a server is automatically created and another player with the pocket version can reach you locally ( the server may be in invisible mode via the options).

First disappointment : only 36 blocks ... this is unfortunate, but excusable knowing that there should be regular updates . We will see in the long term .
The menu is limited in size, but as the number of blocks , it should work out over time.

We do not have mining , we can only build and break blocks . It is already possible to have fun making houses or other buildings but ... no doors ...
The handling is quite good, a virtual pad to move and another finger to move the camera, getting used is not bad, but a second virtual "stick" would not hurt. The character will automatically jump when you have an obstacle in front of us , it helps a lot since the "jump" button is the middle of the pad (see images of the game ) ...
minecraft pocket edition apk

We still bases and "mine" anything, you let yourself go and have fun !
But I do not advise this application at the moment, there is too little evidence and not necessarily worth the € 5.49 when you have already paid € 15 for the BETA version PC.

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Since Mojang to announced the release of Minecraft pocket edition , many people are looking forward to the idea of ​​power crafter, destroy and lay blocks from their loyal Smartphones , but what it actually handling the game on a touch screen?

The "Portable" minecraft on Xperia play version does not seem to have trouble handling (that is on it is much easier with physical keys ) but they touch versions seem to cause problems. I personally tested the demo (available on the android market ) and I must say that moving the mouse does not touch me at all successful .
minecraft pocket edition free download

minecraft pocket edition game free download apk

The Safe way PE
The pannier system is it quite original . To simplify the separation of objects MATTIS includes a payment system in the trunk based on the time , a fairly long press will pay all the stack in the trunk.
The trunk has a capacity of 27 stacks and do not have the opportunity to be doubled.
Note also that its size is smaller than a conventional block while remaining greater than the PC version, and enjoying a latch or embossed or animation .

List of additions:
  1. chests .
  2. Beds operating as in the PC version.
  3. Activatable Peaceful mode options.
  4. TNT is craftable and now only triggered by the lighter ( flint and steel ).
  5. Food ( operation of the Beta 1.8 on PC): meats, soups , breads and potatoes.
  6. The recipe for wool -based string.
  7. Recipe of stone bricks.
  8. agriculture.
  9. The red pigment is created by firing a red mushroom.
  10. Blocks of color ( except brown ) are now available.
  11. [ Creative ] The mossy , redstone ore and white wool.
- This is Minecraft on your mobile! ! !
- We can already build interesting buildings ,
- No slowdown on iPhone 4.

Weaknesses :
- No way survive (but it should come )
- Size of the restricted card.

In fact the term " hard " does not correspond to the spirit of Mojang studio whose members enjoy working in a relaxed manner.
Nevertheless Johan Bernhardsson , which develops Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition ) released yesterday the new version of sandbox game of 2012 .

List of Changes :
  • The day lasts longer
  • The number of mobs present is now limited
  • The speed of the player during the use of an object has been reduced
List of corrections :
  • Watches that could appear inside
  • The falling damage in multiplayer
  • Players who could hit long distance
  • Rendering 3rd person bows
  • Forgetting particles at the crits
  • Bandage bow that could destroy some blocks
  • The crash of the game in case of death during the bandage bow
  • Possible death in Creative Multiplayer
  • Texture blocks of pine needles that could have texture crafting table
  • Bad crafting table on Xperia Play
  • Arcs that did not use to
  • Trunks of oaks that were not the right color ( only for new maps )
  • Destruction door that could leave half doors
  • The sound of death spiders missing on iOS 
0.5.0 version brings bug fixes and some new features:
Adding tables to decorate your home.
it is now possible to farm mushrooms.
an original block, the " Nether Reactor" that is strangely connected to the Nether .
appearance of pigment - Zombies ( Men -Pig Zombie ) . minecraft pocket edition .Correction bug despawn mobs .
it will not happen to hit things without aiming. bug fixes that were crashing the game
the player will not stay stuck in bed. lava can burn nearby objects without touching them directly .